Friday, November 30, 2012

5 Minute DIY Candlestick Holders

This project was so ridiculously easy, that I almost feel silly even bothering to write about it. But, I figured I'm not the only one who likes quick and easy so I might as well share.

Problem: I somehow ended up with some fun taper candles but no candlestick holders for a taper candle. 
Solution: I scrounged two small scraps of 1x4 from the shop, drilled a 3/4 inch hole and in less then five minutes I had two simple, but perfectly functional candlestick holders for our table. 

Maybe someday I will even paint them...or maybe not.

Materials needed: 2 small scraps of 1x4 (mine are triangles with roughly 3.5 inch sides)
                             3/4 inch bit (I used a hole saw bit)

Find the center on your wood scrap for the most stability. Drill your hole approximately 3/4 of the way through your wood. Insert candle. Stand back and enjoy your creation!

Quick, easy and free. My favorite kind of project!

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